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How AI is Reinventing Patent Search

August 06, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is reinventing patent search by helping organizations keep up with industry trends and uncover meaningful innovations, by inspiring and informing their creation of new products and services. 

According to a 2018 report by the US Patent Office, there are more than 10 million patents in the US alone. As the volume of information within patents grows, and as inventors and researchers continue to innovate, companies and research organizations need to leverage AI to conduct the kind of exhaustive and insight-rich patent searches that yield significant competitive advantages.

AI as a Game Changer

One of the strongest capabilities of AI is its ability to sift through information with unmatched speed, efficiency, and relevance. AI technologies are able to search millions of records by concepts, as opposed to keywords, pulling information from myriad sources like public patent databases, research documents, academic papers, and much more - in seconds, and at scale. 

ResoluteAI developed a method for contextual attribute search (CATS), which is achieved by training machine learning algorithms to comprehend the sophisticated contextual meaning of both queries, and the documents being searched over. The algorithms break down the language used to convey complex ideas, and look for representations that match most closely with what the query is looking for. This cutting-edge approach is the machine equivalent of using a picture to represent a thousand words, then searching for similar pictures.

Researchers can efficiently check, classify, and organize data quickly and easily. Pure keyword searches (the way most well-known search engines function) make it easy to miss important nuances in a query. For instance, most search engines will return documents supporting only a specific position when a completely different or even opposing position is being searched. Concept-driven searches ameliorate this problem. Ultimately, this saves organizations and researchers valuable time and energy, enabling them to avoid costly errors of omission, and innovate smarter.

AI Search for Patents

Too often, research tools are fragmented across multiple platforms. This hinders categorization, accessibility, and analysis. 

AI provides the capability to search and find details of and connections between patents that a person or even a team of people don’t have the ability to find on their own. Patents are very abstract in nature, and therefore intellectually limiting as the human brain is incapable of identifying every single potential application of the patent. With AI, however, there can be instant and regularly updated access to information that makes research seamless, allowing innovators to investigate, discover, and connect relevant data points. 

AI search can help solve problems such as:

  • Filling in human knowledge gaps. Keyword search is based on what people think they’re looking for; AI search sees similarities between what people are searching for and identifying similar content that has a different name. AI goes beyond keywords to identify nuances and concepts. 
  • Conducting competitive analysis and patent landscaping.
  • Narrowing down patents by forward and backward citations, which helps in identifying competitors’ R&D spending.

Solution Sheet

How AI Search Improves Enterprise R&D

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ResoluteAI: The Perfect Solution

Superior patent search includes searching multiple datasets for prior art - which means the answers to patent questions users are looking for might be found in places like publications or grant applications. ResoluteAI organizes all of these research tools and datasets into a single easy-to-use platform. To date, ResoluteAI has connected over 200 million technical records, including patents, technical publications, and clinical trials, allowing researchers to innovate better, faster, and smarter.

Exhaustive research can be easily stored, shared, and updated across countless queries. This allows search results for diverse concepts to be better organized and connected, and more thoroughly visualized, improving innovation even beyond the research phase. 

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ResoluteAI is the research platform for science. Foundation lets commercial science enterprises search aggregated scientific, regulatory, and business databases simultaneously. Nebula is our enterprise search tool for science. Combined with our interactive analytics and downloadable visualizations, ResoluteAI helps make connections that lead to breakthrough discoveries. Used in R&D, medical affairs, post market surveillance, and pharmacovigilance by scientific organizations around the world, ResoluteAI won the BCS Search Industry Award for Most Promising Start-Up in 2021.