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BIO International Convention: South Rampart Pharma

June 09, 2022

The annual BIO International Convention is scheduled for June 13-16 at the San Diego Convention Center. Kyle Garvin, ResoluteAI’s Head of Sales & Customer Success will be there. In advance of the conference we’ve put together background information on some interesting companies planning to attend such as South Rampart Pharma, Strand Therapeutics, and Vectron Biosolutions. This information was discovered using Foundation, the scientific discovery engine.

South Rampart Pharma

South Rampart Pharma, based in New Orleans, is a company built around the goal of creating pain treatment solutions without the negative side effects that current pain medications carry. South Rampart Pharma is innovating non-opioid small molecule compounds that also don’t reach high levels of liver or kidney toxicity.

South Rampart Pharma patents

Currently, South Rampart Pharma holds one patent that was published last year. The invention outlines methods and compositions that can be used to treat pain or fevers without as many negative impacts on the body. Key inventors on this patent include both co-founders: Dr. Nicolas Bazan and his son, Dr. Hernan Bazan.

Dr. Nicolas Bazan

Dr. Nicolas Bazan is the scientific co-founder and Dr. Hernan Bazan is the current CEO. Dr. Nicolas Bazan has been contributing to the biotech industry for decades. He is an inventor on over thirty patents, with most of them relating to neuroscience.

Patents with Nicolas Bazan’s as an InventorPatents with Nicolas Bazan’s as an Inventor

Nicolas Bazan’s impressive history of innovation is not limited to patents, he also has contributed to over 350 publications. Below is a network graph created from data about Nicolas Bazan’s publications. His key collaborators are indicated in pink and most significant and frequent categories of research are in blue.

Network Graph of Nicolas Bazan’s PublicationsNetwork Graph of Nicolas Bazan’s Publications

South Rampart Pharma funding

In addition to having a promising scientific co-founder, South Rampart Pharma has received recent grants that demonstrate potential for growth. In 2020, the NIH awarded South Rampart Pharma an STTR grant of $1.9 million intended to fast-track the company in their development of non-opioid pain treatments. The NIH is funding South Rampart Pharma because of their pain treatment’s promise as a solution to the opioid public health crisis. The pain medication that is being researched by South Rampart Pharma has not seen the same abuse potential as opioids and lacks the toxicity that over the counter drugs like acetaminophen have. This grant accelerated South Rampart’s progress in drug development, bringing them into Phase 1 clinical trials during March of 2022.

This information was discovered using Foundation, the scientific discovery engine. For more information on Foundation and ResoluteAI’s analytical tools, please contact us at info@resolute.ai or use the link below.


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