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BIO International Convention: Strand Therapeutics

June 09, 2022

The annual BIO International Convention is scheduled for June 13-16 at the San Diego Convention Center. Kyle Garvin, ResoluteAI’s Head of Sales & Customer Success will be there. In advance of the conference we’ve put together background information on some interesting companies planning to attend such as Strand Therapeutics, South Rampart Pharma, and Vectron Biosolutions. This information was discovered using Foundation, the scientific discovery engine.

Strand Therapeutics

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are the most clinically advanced non-viral gene delivery system. Lipid nanoparticles safely and effectively deliver nucleic acids, overcoming a major barrier preventing the development and use of genetic medicines. Strand Therapeutics implements nanoparticles with programmable mRNA as a customizable therapeutic. These therapeutics are primarily designed to be used as cancer immunotherapy. Strand’s is the first platform working on creating programmable and long-acting mRNA therapeutics.

Dr. Jacob Becraft, CEO and Co-Founder

Strand’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Jacob Becraft, is one of 35 innovators under 35 in MIT’s 2021 Technology Review. Dr. Becraft holds three patents, one of which is assigned to  Strand Therapeutics: Lipidnanoparticle Comprising Modified Nucleotides. He has also published three articles concerning both synthetic mRNA and the lipid capsule used for the mRNA delivery. His most recent article, In Vivo Validation of a Reversible Small Molecule-Based Switch for Synthetic Self-Amplifying mRNA Regulation (2021), involves in vivo trials of synthetic mRNA in mice. The research demonstrates the feasibility of using a small molecule as a switch to modulate mRNA kinetics.

Dr. Tasuku Kitada, President and Head of R&D

Strand Therapeutics’ President and Head of R&D, Dr. Tasuku Kitada, has published thirteen articles. Recently, his focus has been on creating genetic circuits using synthetic mRNA.

Below is a network graph connecting Dr. Kitada and Dr. Becraft’s publications, MeSH categories, and collaborators.

Dr. Kitada and Dr. Becraft's publications by MeSH categories and collaboratorsDr. Kitada and Dr. Becraft's publications by MeSH categories and collaborators


Strand Therapeutics funding

In 2021, Strand Therapeutics announced they received $52 million in funding during a Series A financing round. At that point, their investors included Redmile Group, BeiGene, Ltd., Camford Capital, Playground Global, and ANRI. By 2023, Strand plans to proceed with human clinical trials.

This information was discovered using Foundation, the scientific discovery engine. For more information on Foundation and ResoluteAI’s analytical tools, please contact us at info@resolute.ai or use the link below.


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