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BIO International Convention: Vectron Biosolutions

June 07, 2022

The annual BIO International Convention is scheduled for June 13-16 at the San Diego Convention Center. Kyle Garvin, ResoluteAI’s Head of Sales & Customer Success will be there. In advance of the conference we’ve put together background information on some interesting companies planning to attend such as Vectron Biosolutions, South Rampart Pharma, and Strand Therapeutics. This information was discovered using Foundation, the scientific discovery engine.

Vectron Biosolutions

Vectron Biosolutions, based in Norway, has developed vector technologies to advance biotechnology. In the context of life science research, vectors are commonly used for protein expression in bacteria. Founded in 2008, Vectron provides services to clients seeking to increase the efficiency and yield of processes used to produce proteins. The processes used by Vectron Biosolutions are built upon the research of the late Dr. Svein Valla. His research focused on how genes can impact protein expression.

Vectron Bioslutions Patents

Vectron Biosolutions currently holds five patents:

  • Expression vectors based on RK2 and TOL plasmids (2001)
  • Process for imparting improved whiteness to polyolefin resins (2003)
  • Enhanced Expression Method (2016)
  • Enhanced expression of the Pm promoter (2017)
  • Synthetic mRNA Leaders (2019)

The “Enhanced expression of the Pm promoter” patent that was published in 2016 was likely the most pivotal for the development of Vectron’s technology. This patent outlines methods used to increase bacterial protein expression using the promoter Pm. Collaborating inventors on this patent included Rahmi Lale, Laila Berg, Ingrid Bakke, Aune Trond Erik Vee (CEO), and Svein Valla.

Dr. Svein Valla

As mentioned previously, the processes used by Vectron Biosolutions are built upon the research of the late Dr. Svein Valla, which focused on how genes can impact protein expression. Dr. Valla’s decades worth of research produced an impressive 100 publications during his lifetime.

Professor Svein Valla’s publications over timeProfessor Svein Valla’s publications over time

During his career, Professor Svein Valla molecular biology research importantly contributed to the development of more efficient protein expression methods. He amassed a broad network of collaborators in Norway that he co authored articles with.

Professor Svein Valla’s most significant and frequent collaboratorsProfessor Svein Valla’s most significant and frequent collaborators


Vectron Biosolutions Acquisition

On top of Dr. Valla’s research, Vectron Biosolutions acquired a bacterial secretion platform in 2021. This acquisition comes from TS3 Technologies, a Utah-based biotech company. This recent addition to the technologies offered by Vectron is a promising expansion on their already unique offerings.

Today, proteins are often being developed and synthesized to be used as drugs and specifically target disease. Scaling protein production comes with many challenges; it is especially difficult to achieve a high concentration of pure product. Vectron Biosolutions’ progress in expression enhancement is a powerful tool for any other biotech group whose product involves protein production.

This information was discovered using Foundation, the scientific discovery engine. For more information on Foundation and ResoluteAI’s analytical tools, please contact us at info@resolute.ai or use the link below.


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