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Clinical Trials for Hydroxychloroquine Reveal COVID-19 Therapy Progress

April 17, 2020

The overall landscape for the last five weeks of clinical trial activity for hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 is as follows:
Coronavirus Clinical Trials
This shows a significant number of trials being conducted using hydroxychloroquine in combination with azithromycin. Interestingly, there are studies related to post-exposure prophylaxis which could be a key factor in mitigating the spread of the disease, and a potential key to restarting the economy given the broad availability of these drugs. 
Looking into areas of study focusing on pre-and post-exposure prophylaxis involving hydroxychloroquine, we can see the University of Minnesota is involved in both aspects, where a clinical trial began in mid-March for pre-exposure, and early April for post-exposure.
COVID-19 Prophylaxis
Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for Coronavirus
Post-exposure Prophylaxis Coronavirus
We can also see the types of therapies being developed. Below we have selected interventional therapies and can see the number of clinical trials, the organizations, and the specific phase the trial is in, which have all begun over the last five weeks:
Clinical Trials Coronavirus
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