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July 2021 clinical trials: Mortality rate focus

August 02, 2021

There were 2864 clinical trials started between July 1 and July 31. 

Mortality rate was the main area of focus during this time followed by chemotherapy and intravenous therapy. A listing of the top 10 areas of focus for July is shown below.

July 2021 clinical trials: Top ten areas of focus

Currently, 742 of these 2864 are in the recruiting phase. The chart below shows the status, sponsor name, and facility name.

July 2021 clinical trials heatmap showing the status, sponsor name, and facility name.Clinical trials that started in July 2021 by status, sponsor name, and facility name.

The Mayo Clinic was the facility hosting the most clinical trials, and the same was true for June. In July, the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Michigan also hosted a number of trials. 

The Mayo Clinic is currently recruiting for two clinical trials, one involving obesity and one involving strokes and wearable sensors:

  1. Exercise-stimulated Muscle Glucose Uptake in Upper Body Obesity
  2. Continuous Data Collection and Analysis for Stroke Prevention Using a Wearable Sensor


The University of Alabama is currently recruiting for four clinical trials, including one on obesity:

  1. Exercise for Memory Rehabilitation in Epilepsy
  2. Clinical Effort Against Smoke Exposure in Cystic Fibrosis
  3. Weight Loss in Adults Over 50 With Obesity
  4. Guided Eight-week Online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Distressed Family Caregivers with People With Dementia


The University of Michigan is also currently recruiting for four clinical trials, including two related to gender-based violence:

  1. Predictors of Pain Relief from Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction in Multiple Forms of Chronic Pain Patients
  2. A Multicomponent Intervention to Address Gender-based Violence in HIV
  3. Pilot Testing a Pregnancy Decision Making Tool for Women With Spinal Cord Injury
  4. Addressing Violence and HIV Care Among Transgender Women


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