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End stage renal disease: A look at grants, clinical trials, and more

April 30, 2021

Denver-based Strive Health, a kidney care platform designed for total care of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD), recently received $140 million in Series B funding. CapitalG, based in Mountain View, Calif., led the round. 

CKD is the gradual loss of kidney function. The National Kidney Foundation says that approximately 37 million Americans are affected by kidney disease and that one in three adults are at risk for CKD.  In the U.S., CKD is the ninth-leading cause of death.

There are five stages of kidney disease, with ESRD being the most severe. With ESRD, the kidneys no longer work as intended and patients need dialysis or a kidney transplant. According to a report from the University of Michigan School of Medicine, “The prevalence of ESRD continues to rise, and reached 746,557 in 2017 (versus 727,912 in 2016). That number is a 2.6% increase since 2016.”


What did we find out about ESRD?

Patents involving ESRD and CKD have been on the rise for over a decade. 

Patents specifically involving both ESRD and CKD

Patents for ESRD and chronic kidney disease trendTop five American universities receiving grants:


Top four inventors:


Top five sponsors of ESRD clinical trials:


We also looked in Foundation’s News database and found over 6000 articles on ESRD. Some of those include:


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