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New Foundation Datasets Connect the FDA

December 02, 2020

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hosts and maintains several databases that track drugs and medical devices once they’ve been approved. While many of these datasets are related and may have many common attributes, they are kept in silos and must be searched individually. While the data on the FDA site is updated regularly, users are not provided with meaningful analytics capabilities.
There are two databases that focus specifically on medical devices and are used by doctors and caregivers, professionals conducting post market surveillance, medical device researchers, and FDA personnel:
  • MAUDE - Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience
  • Device Recalls and Enforcements
They cover largely the same topic but the FDA treats them as separate databases with separate search interfaces and results are displayed differently.
FDA Device Recalls
ResoluteAI has overcome these shortcomings by allowing the simultaneous search of both datasets and providing a modern, faceted research experience once the initial set of results has been surfaced. Specific enhancements include:
  • No limit to the number of results
  • Faceted search that allows narrowing of search results 
  • Graphics and analytics
  • Saved searches and search alerts
  • Automatically-generated boolean searches

ResoluteAI Maude Dataset

ResoluteAI provides the same level of functionality for many other databases, including Clinical Trials and FDA Drug Labels. If you’re interested in finding out more please connect with us at info@resolute.ai.
For a deeper dive into the FDA datasets on Foundation, check out our case study here.


ResoluteAI is the research platform for science. Foundation lets commercial science enterprises search aggregated scientific, regulatory, and business databases simultaneously. Nebula is our enterprise search tool for science. Combined with our interactive analytics and downloadable visualizations, ResoluteAI helps make connections that lead to breakthrough discoveries. Used in R&D, medical affairs, post market surveillance, and pharmacovigilance by scientific organizations around the world, ResoluteAI won the BCS Search Industry Award for Most Promising Start-Up in 2021.