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New Conceptual Attribute Search

June 03, 2020

Today we announced the launch of our new Conceptual Attribute Search (CAtS), a revolutionary enhancement to existing scientific search capabilities. Through the application of artificial intelligence and scientifically focused machine learning, CAtS returns highly relevant results for extremely long, highly technical search queries. 
"What excites us about CAtS is that we've cracked the code on how to find the documents that are most conceptually similar to a query both within a corpus and across multiple, disparate datasets," said Dr. Sean Cantrell, Machine Learning Engineer for ResoluteAI. "With standard keyword search, the results surfaced don't identify what's important about the phrase, or even the full abstract you're searching. CAtS is cutting-edge machine learning that understands the nuances of language, allowing researchers to quickly find hidden connections that help them make new discoveries."
For more details about CAtS, check out the full press release here. To see CAtS in action, request a demo.


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