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ResoluteAI releases next generation API to facilitate scientific research

December 14, 2021

ResoluteAI, the research platform for science, today released their next generation API to facilitate the integration of scientific research data into third party platforms and customer-developed solutions. Read the original press release here.

The enhanced ResoluteAPI provides access to scientific research and medical datasets for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies and offers data scientists, software engineers, and others greater control over queries and search results.

“There’s been tremendous growth in demand for integration and analysis of our value-added data in other research products, electronic lab notebooks, and internally developed platforms,” said Steve Goldstein, CEO of ResoluteAI. “Access to our aggregated set of research databases via ResoluteAPI will reduce engineering development time and provide a better user experience for software developers and end users alike.”

ResoluteAI’s machine learning enhanced research platform, Foundation, lets users conduct federated searches across thousands of data sources regularly used by commercial science organizations for R&D, technology scouting, key opinion leader identification, and patent landscaping. These datasets include clinical trials, patents, technology transfer opportunities, scientific research, grants, and many more. ResoluteAPI allows more granular, precise queries and more flexibility in retrieving search results.

"For Roivant, leveraging the ResoluteAPI is a helpful accelerant for our data-driven decision-making around clinical trials," said Micah Grossman, Product Manager at Roivant Sciences.

ResoluteAPI can also provide unparalleled access to customers’ own data that has been processed by Nebula, ResoluteAI’s enterprise search platform. API queries return search results with structured metadata created on any type of unstructured data, providing related terms, tags, categories, and a range of other filters and facets to deliver precise research results on. Nebula can process unstructured data in any format, making previously inaccessible proprietary data available through any internal or credentialed third-party application.

ResoluteAPI is available for testing and proofs of concept starting today. Learn more about ResoluteAPI at https://www.resolute.ai/api.

About ResoluteAI
ResoluteAI is the research platform for science. Foundation lets commercial science enterprises search aggregated scientific, regulatory, and business databases simultaneously. Nebula is our enterprise search tool for science. Combined with our interactive analytics and downloadable visualizations, ResoluteAI helps make connections that lead to breakthrough discoveries. Used in R&D, medical affairs, post market surveillance, and pharmacovigilance by scientific organizations around the world, ResoluteAI won the BCS Search Industry Award for Most Promising Start-Up in 2021.


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Steven Goldstein

Steven Goldstein is the CEO of ResoluteAI. He has spent his career developing information retrieval tools for researchers in many industries. ResoluteAI is at the forefront of the application of AI and ML for commercial scientific enterprises.