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Introduction to orthopedic companies presenting at the Emerging Medtech Summit

March 15, 2022

This spring’s 2022 Emerging Medtech Summit features nearly 200 presenting companies. This Resolute Research Report focuses on three of the presenting companies that are pioneering new solutions in the field of orthopedics; Formus Labs, 206 Ortho, and restor3d.

Currently, there are over 430,000 patents within the field of orthopedics. Below is a network graph that presents a selection of the most frequently referenced categories in orthopedics patents. Information in this report was retrieved from ResoluteAI’s discovery engine, Foundation.

Network graph of orthopedic patent categories organized by ResoluteAIOrthopedic patent categories organized by ResoluteAI


Formus Labs Ltd.

Formus Labs develops software to aid in orthopedic planning and analysis. Their product allows orthopedic surgery to be fine tuned to individual patients. In 2016, Dr. Ju Zhang and Dr. Thor Besier (@thor_besier) founded Formus Labs with a mission to improve outcomes and surgery efficiencies by incorporating artificial intelligence and computational modeling to create data-driven orthopedic workflows. Dr. Zhang, the founder and CEO, will be presenting at the 2022 Medtech conference.

Dr. Besier, the CSO, and Dr. Zhang, the CEO, have a strong history of collaboration. They have co-authored 16 articles that focus on applying computing to orthopedics. Recurring topics include computer aided engineering, 3D imaging, and 3D printing.

Network graph of articles authored by both Thor Besier and Ju Zhang and most frequent categories (blue nodes)Articles authored by both Thor Besier and Ju Zhang and most frequent categories (blue nodes)

Dr. Besier completed his PhD in musculoskeletal biomechanics at The University of Western Australia and has 150+ published articles and seven patents. His more recent research introduces computer science applications to the fields of bioengineering and orthopedics. Beyond this, his career has spanned more diverse topics, including rehabilitation, physical therapy, and medical imaging. Below is a treemap that organizes his research by subject and demonstrates the breadth of his research.

Treemap of Dr. Thor Dr. Besier’s publications since 2016 organized by subjectDr. Besier’s publications since 2016 organized by subject

Dr. Besier’s Recent Publications


Currently at the University of Auckland, Dr. Zhang has also published articles related to bioengineering, statistics, and computation. He has largely focused on orthopedics and potential applications of computer vision and patient specific modeling. 

Network Graph of the mesh descriptors found in Dr. Zhang’s publicationsNetwork Graph of the mesh descriptors found in Dr. Zhang’s publications

Dr. Zhang’s Recent Publications


206 Ortho, Inc.

206 Ortho was founded in 2011 by Jeffrey D’Agostino.  The company specializes in developing materials that offer an alternative to traditional metal orthopedic implants. Their injectable, bioresorbable, high strength products reduce adverse effects that patients experience with metal implants. 206 Ortho’s mission is to reduce the use of metal implants which will positively impact patient care, quality of life, and procedure costs. D’Agostino, the CEO, is presenting at the Emerging Medtech Summit. He is a contributor to all 11 patents that 206 Ortho holds. Below is a selection of scientific advisors that have also contributed to 206 Ortho’s growing list of patents.

Heatmap of individuals contributing to 206 Ortho’s patentsIndividuals contributing to 206 Ortho’s patents

Current scientific advisors to 206 Ortho include Dr. Art Watterson, Werner Blank, and Dr. Charlie Hegedus. Below are a few highlights of these advisors’ respective careers.

Dr. Watterson largely researches chemistry and chemical synthesis. Currently at University of Massachusetts, he is an expert in the field of nano science and engineering.

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 12.10.54 PMDr. Watterson’s publications with MeSH qualifiers applied by ResoluteAI (eft side: author affiliation, right

Dr. Watterson’s Recent Publications


Werner Blank has over fifty years of research in polymer design and impressively holds over forty patents. His expertise in the chemistry of polymer design has even been applied to industries beyond medical device design. Below is a heat-map illustrating what a powerful source of innovation Blank has been, specifically within the last fifteen years.

Heatmap of patents held by Werner BlankWerner Blank's patents by categories

Dr. Hegedus is also renowned in his field for industry contributions, publications, and holding more than twenty-five patents. He began his career at the Naval Air Development Center. Recently, he has been contributing his knowledge regarding polymer design to innovating with 206 Ortho.

Heatmap of applicants under which Dr. Hegedus holds patentsApplicants under which Dr. Hegedus holds patents


restor3d, Inc.

Founded in 2017, restor3d is a Series B startup out of Durham, North Carolina. Restor3d is leveraging 3D printing technology to improve orthopedic implants and surgery outcomes. Currently, restor3d holds ten patents and is slated to complete two clinical trials within the next two years. The CTO, Dr. Ken Gall, will be presenting at the Medtech Summit. 

Dr. Gall has published over 200 research articles and is an inventor on six patents held by restor3d. He currently is a professor in Duke’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. His research interests include polymers, implants, and orthopedics.

Network graph of Dr. Gall’s publications and key collaborators by author name (pink) and research area (blue)Dr. Gall’s publications and key collaborators by author name (pink) and research area (blue)

Recent publications by Dr. Gall


This information was discovered using Foundation, the scientific discovery engine. For more information on Foundation and ResoluteAI’s analytical tools, please contact us at info@resolute.ai or use the link below.


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