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July 2021 has been a devil of a month for patents

August 02, 2021

In July 2021, there were 66,666 patents granted. This is down significantly from over 140,000 granted in June.

This heatmap shows the top 10 assignees along with their number of patents. Samsung Electronic Co. Ltd. had the most patents granted in July- 458. Samsung also had the most patents granted in June with over 1000.

Top 10 patent assignees for July 2021

Most of Samsung’s patents were related to user equipment. Among some of its patents in July were:

  1. Distance measuring device and method of measuring distance by using the same

  2. Composition for preparing transparent polymer film, transparent polymer film, and electronic device including same

  3. Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices 
  4. Electronic device using quantum dots 
  5. Display processing method and device for applying an attribute of a reference image to a target image.

This Sankey diagram shows the top 10 assignees and their areas of focus for July.

Top 10 patent assignees and their areas of focus for July 2021.Top 10 patent assignees and their areas of focus for July 2021


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