Patent Citation Analytics


Patent Citation Analytics

September 25, 2020

Patent citations can provide extremely valuable insights as to the importance of a patent.  Before this release, ResoluteAI's Foundation solution provides filters allowing users to find highly cited patents, and list those patents. 
In this most recent product update we have implemented both analytics and explore views to enable users to gain additional insights into individual patents. 
In order to access the feature, a specific patent has been selected by the user:
Patent Citation Analysis
The user can then select Cited By – which will provide list of the patents that cite the currently selected patent.
In the upper right hand corner, clicking the Search button will show a dropdown which will allow the user to apply ResoluteAI Analytics and Explore functionalities to the patents which cite the selected patent.
Patent Analytics
Selecting Explore from the dropdown will show the user the high level categories in which the cited patents are applicable.
Patent Analytics
This provides the user with an idea of how broad the technology dispersion might be for the cited patent.  The broader the coverage of cited patents as shown in the Explore view, the more applicability the patent might have across multiple industries.
Selecting the Analytics view from the dropdown on the top right hand side of the page displays a heatmap revealing highly pertinent information based on the number of patents from a specific company that cite the original patent:
Patent Citations
This graphic shows that several major technology companies are citing the Cisco patent - Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and RedHat. These kinds of insights can provide valuable data as to who is using the technology in the Cisco patent, as well as whether the technology is gaining or losing adoption. 
These are examples of just a few capabilities that are available for analyzing forward citation data. ResoluteAI's platform provides numerous ways to graphically display parameters which can provide additional insights with respect to competitive analysis, internal patent portfolio strength, and licensing opportunities.
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