Full-text access available through Reprints Desk connection

Full-text access available through Reprints Desk connection

February 03, 2022

ResoluteAI now connects records in Publications to Reprints Desk so Reprints Desk subscribers can access full-text content.

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 8.44.55 PMMany of our customers are Reprints Desk subscribers and rely on their efficient delivery and organization of purchased content.

"We help scientists and knowledge workers discover, access, manage, and author scientific publications faster, with better results. 

More than 70% of the world's top pharmaceutical companies, prestigious universities, emerging life science firms, and other R&D driven companies rely on us for one-click access to scientific literature—delivered within seconds, right to the user's inbox."

- Research Solutions

We center on streamlining and speeding up the process of information-finding, including when you need access to full-text. By linking all publications to Reprints Desk, subscribers have direct access to full-text with the option to purchase, irrespective of the journal.

Reprints Desk has the added benefit of tracking and organizing purchases made by your company to avoid multiple purchases of the same document and takes care of all copyright requirements. 

Direct access to content is provided by Reprints Desk to the searcher, avoiding time spent finding the right person to purchase the content, significantly speeding up research, and providing flexibility to information access at any research stage.

You can log in directly if you already have a Reprints Desk subscription.


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Eléonore Dixon-Roche

Eléonore Dixon-Roche, our senior product manager, grew up in Norway and the UK and speaks English, French, and Spanish. You can reach Eléonore at eleonore@resolute.ai.