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Chief Scientific Officers at the 2022 Advanced Therapies Conference

January 24, 2022

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David Peritt | Allen (Qiang) Feng | Abdulkader Rahmo | Farzin Farzaneh
Samik Basu | Anthony Ting | Ian McNiece | Mark Throsby

Following is a research report on Chief Scientific Officers (CSO) speaking at the 2022 Advanced Therapies Conference in Miami. Analysis and information used in this report were found using ResoluteAI’s discovery engine & the following integrated datasets: patents, clinical trials, grants, news, publications. Speakers including this report are:

Emerging categories and topics for CGT manufacturing VC Investment
Emerging categories and topics for CGT manufacturing VC Investment

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David Peritt, CSO, Lupagen Inc.

“Dr. Peritt is a cellular immunologist by training with substantial industry experience in biologics and cell therapy.” Former Sigilon, Pfizer, J&J, Hospira [the list goes on…]. Dr. Peritt founded Lupagen in 2017 to enable scalable, safe, and effective extracorporeal in-vivo gene therapies. Lupagen has a pipeline of CAR-based Cell Therapies, Gene Therapy, and Targeted Drug Delivery.

Dr. Peritt has 20+ published patents and 15+ peer-reviewed publications. Pictured below is a network graph representing significant concepts and collaborations across his patent portfolio.

network graph representing significant concepts and collaborations across Dr. David Peritt's portfolio.Search String: (patent.inventors.name:("David Peritt"~2))

Not only does Dr. Peritt have an impressive track record of inventing new technology, but the technology he invents also tends to receive heavy investment from the assigned organization. Pictured below is a heatmap showing current assignee(s) and patent family size.

Heatmap showing current assignee(s) and patent family size of technology Dr. David Peritt has invented.Search String: (patent.inventors..name:("David Peritt"~2))



Allen (Qiang) Feng, CSO, HebeCell Corp.

“Dr. Allen Feng is the Chief Scientific Officer of the HebeCell Corp. Prior to joining HebeCell, he was the Director of Cell Biology of Semma Therapeutics. Prior to Semma, Dr. Feng worked as R&D Head of Stem Cell Bioprocessing Group at EMD Millipore (a ResoluteAI client). HebeCell’s mission is to develop and commercialize cell-based therapeutics to treat incurable diseases and contribute to the fields of regenerative medicine and immuno-oncology.”

ResoluteAI network analysis:

Dr. Feng’s recent literature reveals some of his key collaborators from institutions like Brigham and Women's Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Capital Medical University. More importantly, the graph below illuminates his current focus areas like retinitis pigmentosa, biocompatibility, and induced pluripotent stem cells (PPC & RGPC). Dr. Feng’s promising work has led to a $53 million USD Series A funding round, led by Jacobio Pharmaceuticals, to advance its unique off-the-shelf pluripotent stem cell (PSC)-CAR-NK products into clinics.

Network graph of Dr. Allen (Qiang) Feng publications showing frequent coauthors and focus areas.Search String: (author.name:("Qiang feng"~2)) AND ((hebecell)) Filter: August 1, 2021 - Present

Recent highlights:
  • CAR-NK cells from engineered pluripotent stem cells: Off-the-shelf therapeutics for all patients (Read Publication Here)
  • Retinal Protection by Sustained Nanoparticle Delivery of Oncostatin M and Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Into Rodent Models of Retinal Degeneration (Read Publication Here)

Abdulkader Rahmo, CSO, SMSBiotech

Dr. Rahmo is the co-founder, president, and CSO of SMS Biotech with over 30 years of experience in basic and applied research. Dr. Rahmo’s recent focus has been on Small Mobile Stem Cell discovery, development, and technology. Dr. Rahmo is cited on 5+ patents, authored 20+ publications, and has 120+ citations.

The most recent came in September of 2021, where Dr. Rahmo was cited as the inventor of a global patent application titled “Stem Cell compositions and Methods of Repairing Tissue.” (See WIPO publication here)

SMSbiotech announced in September of 2021 that they successfully completed their first test of a series of animal studies for COPD treatment. SMSBiotech is a global leader in Small Mobile Stem Cell research.

The application of Stem Cell research in COPD therapy has increased in recent years. Grant funding on this topic is at an all-time high for 2022 which is a strong indicator of relevance. Pictured below is a Sankey diagram showing the funding agency and recipient institution as it relates to Stem Cells & COPD.

Sankey diagram showing the funding agency and recipient institution as it relates to Stem Cells & COPD.Search String: ((“Stem Cell”) AND (Therapy) AND (COPD))


Farzin Farzaneh, CSO & Co-Founder, ViroCell Biologics Ltd

“Farzin Farzaneh, PhD, FRCPath, FRSB established the Rayne Cell and Gene Therapy Suite (RCTS) for the GMP manufacture of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) at King’s College London in 2001. ViroCell Biologics is an innovation-driven Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that manufactures viral vectors and gene-modified cells to enable novel cell and gene therapies to enter clinical trials.”

ResoluteAI network analysis:

Farzin’s impact on the scientific community is undeniable. Reviewing his peer-reviewed publications since 2016, we can gain a better understanding of his areas of expertise within cell & gene therapy as well as authors whom he frequently collaborates with:

Network graph of Farzin Farzaneh publications by authors and research areas.Search String: (author.name:("Farzin Farzaneh"~2)) AND (((viral vector) OR (gene-modified cells) OR (manufacturing))) Filter: January 1, 2016 - Present

Recent highlights:
  • Durable Responses and Low Toxicity After Fast Off-Rate CD19 Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T Therapy in Adults With Relapsed or Refractory B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. (Read Publication Here)
  • Induced dendritic cells co-expressing GM-CSF/IFN-α/tWT1 priming T and B cells and automated manufacturing to boost GvL (Read Publication Here)
  • Applicability, safety, and biological activity of regulatory T cell therapy in liver transplantation (Read Publication Here)


Samik Basu, CSO, Cabaletta Bio

“Dr. Basu joined Cabaletta in 2019. He is a physician and scientist with 17 years of industry and academic experience in adoptive immunotherapy, translational research, autoimmunity, and tumor immunology. Cabaletta Bio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of engineered T cell therapies for B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases.”

ResoluteAI Treemap MeSH Analysis:

Dr. Basu might be most well known for co-leading preclinical development efforts for Keytruda®(pembrolizumab) during his time at Merck Research Laboratories, but his contributions to the scientific community are far-reaching and continue to evolve over time. The Treemap below highlights significant and frequent Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) discovered in Dr. Basu’s literature submitted to PubMed:

Treemap highlighting significant and frequent Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) discovered in Dr. Samik Basu’s literature submitted to PubMed.Search String: author.name:("Samik Basu"~2)

Significant highlights:
  • Systemic and local immunity following adoptive transfer of NY-ESO-1 SPEAR T cells in synovial sarcoma. (Read Publication Here)
  • FOXP3 interactions with histone acetyltransferase and class II histone deacetylases are required for repression. (Read Publication Here)


Anthony Ting, CSO, Bone Therapeutics

“Dr. Ting has over 30 years of academic and industry experience in translational science and global regulatory filing, and 20 years specifically in stromal cell-based therapeutics. Bone Therapeutics is a leading cell therapy company addressing high unmet medical needs in the field of orthopedics and bone diseases.”

ResoluteAI network analysis:

Dr. Ting’s research indicates a continued focus on multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs), and his most recent work shows promising results demonstrating the use of MAPC cell co-culture in adoptive Treg therapy platforms as a means to rescue expansion failure and reduce the time required to manufacture a stable, potently suppressive product:

Network graph of Dr. Anthony Ting's publications by author name and research area.

Search String: (author.name:("Anthony Ting"~2)) AND (((stem cell) OR (regen*))) Filter: January 1, 2018 - Present

Recent highlights:
  • Augmented Expansion of Treg Cells From Healthy and Autoimmune Subjects via Adult Progenitor Cell Co-Culture. (Read Publication Here)
  • IFN-γ and PPARδ influence the efficacy and retention of multipotent adult progenitor cells in graft vs. host disease. (Read Publication Here)


Ian McNiece, CSO, BioCardia

​​Dr. McNiece has more than 30 years of experience in stem cell biology, clinical manufacturing for bone marrow transplantation, and other cellular therapy clinical applications. Dr. McNiece has extensive experience in corporate and academic environments, leading research initiatives at Amgen, University of Colorado, Johns Hopkins, University of Miami, and the MD Anderson Cancer Institute prior to joining BioCardia.

Dr. McNiece has authored 130+ peer-reviewed  publications,  patented 12+ novel technologies, and has been the Principal Investigator of 5+ awarded Grants. See a network graph below outlining connections between his publication topics and significant concepts from the literature.

Network graph outlining connections between Dr. Ian McNiece's publication topics and significant concepts from the literature.

Search String: (author.name:("Ian McNiece"~2))

BioCardia is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company with a mission to deliver cell therapy solutions to treat cardiovascular diseases. They own 40+ patents across numerous therapeutic/scientific areas. The heatmap below displays significant categories across the technology portfolio and the corresponding patent family size.

Heatmap displaying significant categories across the technology portfolio of BioCardia and the corresponding patent family size.Search String: (patents.assignees.name:("BioCardia "~2))


Mark Throsby, COO/CSO, Gadeta BV

Dr. Throsby is an expert in antibody engineering and immunology with 40+ granted patents and 50+ peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Throsby spent 10+ years in executive leadership positions at Merus BV before joining Gadeta BV, and was recently appointed to the board of directors at Ona Therapeutics.

Dr. Throsby brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and an expansive network to the team at Gadeta. Pictured below is a network graph highlighting author connections from his publications and corresponding country affiliations.

Network graph highlighting author connections from Dr. Mark Throsby's publications and corresponding country affiliations.Search String: (author.name:("Mark Throsby"~2))

While his publication work is nothing short of impressive, his patent resume may be even more dignified. Dr. Throsby has been granted more than 40 patents in his ~20 year career. The heatmap below displays the current assignee(s) of his patented technology and the corresponding patent family size.

Heatmap displaying the current assignee(s) of Dr. Mark Throsby's patented technology and the corresponding patent family size.Search String: (patents.inventors.name:(" Mark Throsby"~2))

Data provided by ResoluteAI

All visualizations were generated using ResoluteAI’s discovery engine, Foundation.

ResoluteAI’s Foundation service enables exploration, search, analytics, and alerts on over a dozen science-focused databases, including PubMed, Clinical Trials, Patents, Grants, FDA, Tech Transfer, News, and more.

ResoluteAI’s Nebula platform is an AI & ML-driven enterprise search tool that services pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. ResoluteAI indexes, analyzes, tags, and connects disparate silos of both internal and external data without the need for dedicated engineers. ResoluteAI’s powerful enterprise search platform has been trained on over 1MM scientific documents, can handle nearly any file type, and generates significant time and cost savings.

ResoluteAI provides your team of scientific professionals convenient, secure, and anonymous access to information that has more context, detail, truth, and semantics by capturing real-world and internal information more precisely and more comprehensively.

ResoluteAI proudly supports clients like FUJIFILM, Chinook Therapeutics, MilliporeSigma, Thermo Fisher, Johnson & Johnson, Resilience Biotech, Roivant, Sartorius, Danaher, Alexion, and many more.

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