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Search Tools for Understanding a Pandemic

March 23, 2020

Rapid Research and Development
As the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, researchers have been working tirelessly to develop methods for monitoring, testing for, and treating the disease. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are realizing that often innovation is limited by the tools they have at their disposal. Without a robust research tool to pull together information in a timely fashion, it is virtually impossible to move quickly with research and development for critical healthcare solutions. 
Using ResoluteAI’s Foundation platform, researchers can access existing literature about the coronavirus’s mutations and genetic profile, and examine the relationships between certain diseases that may increase the risk of fatality. 
For example, when you type “coronavirus” and “diabetes” into the advanced search toolbar in ResoluteAI’s Foundation, 65 publications detail the relationship between diabetes and coronavirus. Historical studies point to how diabetes can worsen the conditions of people infected with the coronavirus.
Pandemic Research
Similarly, if you refine the query to “coronavirus” and “diabetes OR lung disease, OR heart disease”, we surface 4,278 relevant publications. 
coronavirus research
Knowledge Based Response
The CDC and WHO have a wealth of information related to the coronavirus. For cities and local governments, however, it’s difficult to manage the pandemic without clear insight into the virus’ impact. Using ResoluteAI’s intuitive navigation, researchers and scientists from biotech companies, universities, and hospitals can understand - and help explain - why certain guidelines are recommended by the CDC.
Not only can these experts explain the guidelines to government and law enforcement who are helping to contain the pandemic, they can also recommend best practices as COVID-19 mutates, and the state of the pandemic changes. The better the information loop that can be created around the pandemic, the better our responses - and ultimately outcomes - will be. 


ResoluteAI is the research platform for science. Foundation lets commercial science enterprises search aggregated scientific, regulatory, and business databases simultaneously. Nebula is our enterprise search tool for science. Combined with our interactive analytics and downloadable visualizations, ResoluteAI helps make connections that lead to breakthrough discoveries. Used in R&D, medical affairs, post market surveillance, and pharmacovigilance by scientific organizations around the world, ResoluteAI won the BCS Search Industry Award for Most Promising Start-Up in 2021.