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Stem Cell Treatment for COVID-19

May 08, 2020

A team of South Florida doctors at Baptist Health South Florida have successfully treated three critically ill COVID-19 patients with experimental stem cell treatment. This could be the game changer that many have been waiting for - an intravenous treatment for acute respiratory failure. 
China-based RESTEM, a biotechnology company, provided the stem cells. They’ve been studying these cells to treat autoimmune diseases, specifically in reversing cytokine storms (when the immune system attempts to fight off a virus by attacking its own cells.) 
RESTEM is precisely the type of biotechnology company to usher us into the new age of stem cell treatments for a host of diseases such as OsteoArthritis, Spinal Cord injury, Leukemia & Multiple Myeloma, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, and Ischemic Stroke Induced Paralysis. 
Developing innovative stem cell treatments depends on rapid treatment iterations through effective and efficient research.

Regenerative Research

Though studying underlying mechanisms can allow scientists to understand a disease’s potential treatment path, the amount of time it takes for any one group of scientists to figure out which path to take can prevent companies from bringing therapies to market in a timely fashion. 
ResoluteAI’s Foundation platform uncovers pre-existing scientific research. The advanced search feature allows researchers to uncover related concepts and seemingly unrelated - but ultimately connected - concepts. Scientists can then build on the knowledge gleaned by other scientists with robust searches through clinical trials, grants, news, patents, publications, and tech transfer opportunities. Researchers can then easily identify the organizations and individual researchers who are working on techniques or areas of study that overlap with their own work. 
Using the search terms: COVID-19 and Stem Cell, we can see that there are currently 54 clinical trials around the world experimenting on the treatment of COVID-19 by using stem cell technology. There are only four publications from scientists around the world. Using ResoluteAI’s discovery engine, researchers can click to navigate through these concepts visually.
COVID-19 Stem Cells
When experimental clinical trials occur in one country, scientists ideally want to test results in other countries as well. Being able to connect with colleagues working on related research is beneficial to sharing knowledge and ideas, which makes research much more efficient and holistic. 
Most of the clinical trials related to acute respiratory distress syndrome and cytokine are in the US, China, Brazil, and other European countries. Iran also has one trial.
Coronavirus Stem Cells
Scientists who proactively engage and explore different treatment paths in collaboration with one another can gain results that much faster. Being able to explore and connect with partners using ResoluteAI’s Foundation is an enormous step forward for developing new treatments for COVID-19.


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