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August 2021 tech transfer opportunities: Rodents leading the pack

September 03, 2021

In August, there were 200 tech transfer opportunities, up from 145 in July.

Three of the top five universities for tech transfer for the month are in California: 

  1. Research Foundation for SUNY
  2. Stanford University
  3. Johns Hopkins University
  4. University of California- Irvine
  5. University of California- Berkeley


This chart shows the breakdown of tech transfer opportunities by organization.

Top 10 organizations for tech transfer for August 2021Top 10 organizations for tech transfer for August 2021

This bar chart shows the top 10 areas of tech transfer focus for the month:

Top 10 areas of focus for tech transfer for August 2021Top 10 areas of focus for tech transfer for August 2021

Protein was the top area of focus for the month. It was also the top area in July.

Who were the top inventors in August?

The most prolific inventor came from the Research Foundation for SUNY. And animal behavior and health were at the forefront for two of the top inventors.

Lorenz Neuwirth, an assistant professor of biopsychology, developmental behavioral neuroscience, and neuropsychology at SUNY-Old Westbury, had four tech transfer opportunities. Three out of four involved rodent behavior: 

  1. Light/Dark Box Social Interaction Test for Rodents
  2. Bowl Digging Paradigm Testing Apparatus with Tracking Procedures for Rodent Behavior
  3. Blood Lead Analyzer
  4. Rodent and Small Animal Retro-Orbital Bleeding Device

There were also three inventors with three tech transfers each for the month. They are:

Arash Kheradvar, a professor of biomedical engineering and mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of California-Irvine.


Fawzy Elnady, an associate professor of anatomy and embryology at Virginia Tech.


Patanjali Parimi, a research professor in electrical engineering and computer science at Syracuse University. 


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