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July 2021 tech transfer opportunities: Stanford leads

August 02, 2021

What did technology transfer data look like for July 2021? We pulled data from ResoluteAI’s Foundation for the month to find out. 

There were 145 tech transfer opportunities submitted in July, down from 234 submitted in June.

The top five universities which submitted tech transfers in July were:

  1. Stanford University: 32
  2. Rutgers University: 21
  3. University of Arizona: 17
  4. University of California- Irvine: 9
  5. Johns Hopkins University: 8

Together, these three universities had over half of the tech transfers for the month.

In July, Dr. Thomas Orton of the plant biology department at Rutgers had the most tech transfers submitted- 3. All of his submissions related to food, two involving peppers and one involving tomatoes:

  1. Rutgers’ Jumbo-Habanero (Capsicum Chinense)

  2. Rutgers' UFO-Habanero (Capsicum Chinense)

  3. Scarlet Sunrise Bi-Color Grape Tomato

The top five research areas in general for the month were:

  1. Protein (14)
  2. DNA (11)
  3. Algorithm (10)
  4. Gene therapy (10)
  5. Bacteria (7)

Top five universities with tech transfers for July 2021 and their areas of focus.Top five universities with tech transfers for July 2021 and their areas of focus.


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